Haulmark Stacker RT

     "I have a Haulmark Stacker 34 foot trailer. It has a  lift in it... The trailer is very well constructed.  When we're at the race track, it's a beautiful sight.  I have a matching set. And that's all I would really want to have would be a Haulmark trailer  because I feel safe towing the race car."
    Carolyn M. Bayville, NJ

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    Stacker RT

    The Perfect Trailer For New And Veteran Racers

    Your first time buying a car trailer can be overwhelming. What size should you buy? What options do you require? How can you tell what you really need?
    That’s where Haulmark’s RT trailer comes in. This enhanced value trailer offers all the features a beginning race car owner needs and avoids unnecessary extras. These features include practicalities such as the one-piece aluminum roof, the 94” width and L.E.D. exterior tail lights. However, options such as the polished aluminum front cap and chrome corners give the trailer a “premium” look that trailering veterans favor. Some features, like the 24” stone guard, serve double duty—it enhances the RT’s appearance while protecting the trailer from road debris.
    Haulmark also offers an “Automotive Model” warranty on the RT. Don’t deal with individual parts suppliers in order to get a warranty processed when you can just call Haulmark instead. You won’t find any other trailer company offering this kind of warranty.
    These units are the perfect complement to the Haulmark motorcoach. Let the others try to keep up!

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